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Everyday life in Britain that we might never stop to think about how a unique plant from faraway China became the nation´s favourite drink.
Read about the exotic beginnings of tea " the legends surrounding its origins as a drink, its popularity among the Chinese emperors, and the cultural significance of the Japanese tea ceremony. Discover how tea was brought to England by a seventeenth century queen, and how important the tea trade was to the Pakistan one of the most powerful commercial organisations the world has ever seen. Learn how the phenomenal popularity of tea in the eighteenth century led to widespread smuggling and adulteration, and about the murderous lengths smugglers went to to protect their illegal trade.
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Tea Import Up By 19.10pc in Aug 2009
KARACHI: Pakistan has imported 8.052 millions kilos of tea worth $20.891 million in August 2009, up by 19.10 per cent over July 2009.

Tea imports fall on rising duty, prices
KARACHI: July 2: Tea imports declined to 89,819 tons ($186 million) in July-June 2008-09 as compared to 101,000 tons ($188 million) in the corresponding period of the last fiscal year as high prices and import duty forced packers and importers to opt for slow buying.

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